Feb 092012

Domestic goats are known for their Houdini-like abilities as escape artists, but one young male African pygmy goat put the rest to shame.
His first escapes were fairly simple; he would simply walk out the front gate while it was held open by visitors lined up to enter children’s zoo. His escapes never took him far—only to the public walkways by the bears—but he seemed to enjoy all the attention he got. When keepers and ticket sellers wised up and started watching the front gate he turned his attentions to the back gate.

The exit gate was an adult-height turnstile that would rotate only one way. The goat would stand in the turnstile and look cute until someone pushed the gate for him. And since he stood just about a foot high, had shaggy, silver hair, and a typical cute baby goat face, he was a pro at looking cute.

Before long, he discovered that he could turn the gate himself. This was no mean feat for an animal his size—the gate was heavy enough that many adult humans had a hard time with it. He simply tucked his head down and, step by step, with great effort, slowly pushed the gate until he had room to squeeze through.

Eventually he was banished from that part of children’s zoo, but he wasn’t through yet. He began jumping over the eight foot fence separating the children’s zoo from the parking lot. At that point the decision was reluctantly made that he would have to go. A local farm agreed to take him. The farm would offer him room to roam without getting into trouble, but the keepers all agreed that they missed having that spunky little character around .

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