Feb 112012

Like many young animals, the young black-faced gray kangaroo in the children’s zoo spent a lot of time frisking around. One day he apparently zigged when he should have zagged and sailed over the low fence surrounding his yard and landed in the arms of a woman standing nearby.

The woman was so surprised to find herself suddenly holding a kangaroo that she took a step backwards, knocking her own baby, who was strapped into a stroller, into a shallow duck pond. The baby and stroller were about half submerged, although, fortunately, the child’s head was safely out of the water for his mother was so busy with the kangaroo joey that she didn’t even notice her own child’s predicament.

Keepers, responding quickly to the incident, pulled the waterlogged baby out of the pond, a little damp but otherwise none the worse for the wear, and returned the wayward kangaroo to his yard.

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