Feb 112012

A keeper hosing a large, outdoor exhibit heard a visitor call, “Hey, buddy!”

The keeper shut the hose off and turned around. The visitor, a college age male, called out, “Where’s the fish?”

Not really sure what the man was referring to the keeper replied, “Which fish?”

“Any of them. Penguins, walruses, dolphins.”

“You haven’t named any fish yet!” called back the keeper, a little sarcastically, feeling that he could be a bit rude to someone who used “Hey, buddy!” to call to a stranger.

“Uh-the penguins.”

“The penguins are right over there in the aquatic bird house,” replied the keeper, emphasizing the word “bird.”

If the man noticed the sarcasm at all he gave no indication of it. He called back “OK, thanks!” and headed off to find his “fish.”

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