Feb 112012

Keepers cleaning a remote paddock area took advantage of the fact that the area was closed to the public and got away with some things they couldn’t do with the public around. When nature called, rather than driving back to a building, they often simply relieved themselves on the spot. The animals certainly didn’t care and it saved on travel time.

One day, however, one poor keeper forgot that the paddock was surrounded by an electric fence. When the stream of urine hit the live circuit, he got the surprise of his life.

Although apparently quite painful, the jolt caused no lasting injury and soon the keeper was able to laugh about it and share the tale with his colleagues.

Each year, the staff at this zoo put together a “bloopers” video to be shown at an annual gathering. Naturally they wanted to include this incident but it hadn’t been recorded. They asked the keeper in question if he would mind re-enacting it for posterity. As you might imagine, he was a bit reluctant but finally agreed when he was assured that the fence would be turned off.

The group grabbed a video camera, piled into a truck, and headed back out to the scene of the crime. When everything was set, the keeper double-checked the fence to make sure it was turned off and then walked over to get in position for the camera.

Of course, as soon as his back was turned, someone quickly turned the fence back on!

So the poor guy got zapped a second time. Only this time it was in front of an audience, and it was caught on tape!

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