Dec 272011

A trucker was delivering a shipment of eight penguins to a nearby zoo. Just a few miles short of his destination, his truck breaks down. While he is waiting for the tow truck, a man in a pickup truck stops to see if he can be of any help. The driver realizes that his truck may be out of service for quite a while so he offers the other man $500 to take the penguins to the zoo. The man agrees, they load the penguins into the pickup, and he drives off.

The following day, the trucker picks up his repaired truck and heads home. As he drives down the main street, however, he sees the other man and all eight penguins walking down the sidewalk. He pulls over and says to the man, “Hey! I thought I told you to take those penguins to the zoo!” The man replies, “I did, and we had a great time. But we had some money left over so today I thought we’d go see a movie!”