Feb 122012

One young elephant in the children’s zoo was infamous for one very nasty habit. Whenever a new handler was working in the stall she would slowly maneuver around until she managed to pin the person into a corner with her back end. She never pushed hard enough to hurt anyone, just hard enough to keep them trapped.

Then, once she had her victim pinned helplessly, she would raise her tail and let loose with a barrage of elephant farts.

Quite understandably, no one ever fell for this trick more than once. And, of course, human nature being what it is, no one ever warned new keepers beforehand.

Dec 242011

A man and his young son appeared outside the zoo’s perimeter fence, which is eight feet high with barbed wire on top. They began yelling at a female Asian elephant to turn around and face them. The elephant, busy eating, ignored them. The son began throwing rocks over the fence at her backside to get her to move.

A keeper immediately told the boy to stop throwing rocks and to let the animal eat in peace. The boy did stop, but to the keeper’s amazement, as soon as he walked away, the father began tossing rocks. Before the dumfounded keeper managed to say anything, the elephant casually picked up a palm-sized rock, did a quick 180° turn, and let fly. The rock sailed across the yard, over the fence, and cracked the man right on the head. The keeper heard the resounding crack 40 feet away.

The man let out a startled cry and grabbed his head, ironically oblivious to the fact that he had, in fact, succeeded in making the elephant turn around. The elephant, meanwhile, turned calmly back to her dinner and continued eating as if nothing had happened.