Feb 092012

Workers renovating a bear den were made a bit nervous by the presence of the den’s regular occupant in an adjacent den. The door between the dens appeared sturdy enough—it was made of heavy metal with only a small, heavily-barred window. The bear, however, was watching them intently through the window and occasionally would pound on the door or even reach his plate-sized paws through the window. The workers were concerned that should anything happen it would be difficult for all of them to evacuate the stall quickly through the one small access door.

The final straw came when the workers noticed several inches of claws protruding from gaps between the door and the wall on either side of the door. They decided that it was time for a break, packed up their tools, locked up the den, and left. When they returned a few minutes later, they discovered that the bear had torn the door loose and was loose in the den that they had only recently vacated.

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