Feb 112012

“Sand cats are becoming extinct because camels step on them”

“Nyani is the baboon word for Swahili.”

(This line, or rather the correct, inverted form, was spoken as the train passed by Nyani restaurant, named for its proximity to the baboon exhibit. For a while, some of the narrators were following it facetiously with: “And speaking of baboons, that building on your right is the administration building.” This came to an abrupt stop one day when the director walked out of the back door just in time to hear that line and see an entire trainload of people turn to look at him.)

“An ostrich lays a thirty-pound egg and can run up to four miles an hour.”

“Pygmo hippy” (pygmy hippo)

“Black-faced gay kangaroo” (gray)

“Great paranoid mountain dog” (Great Pyrenees)

And last, but not least, was the keeper who reported on his daily log that two female eland had been fighting and one had gotten “poked in the virginia.”

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