Feb 122012

One summer day keepers did a double take when they noticed a middle-aged woman pushing a stroller up the walk to the entrance to the children’s zoo. Sitting in the stroller, wrapped snugly in a brightly colored baby blanket, was a very contented, rather smug-looking, black miniature poodle. The dog seemed to be enjoying itself, relaxing in the stroller and watching all the people going by.

The woman was rather upset when she was told that she would have to take the dog out of the zoo. She didn’t see any problem as long as he behaved himself.

The best part of the situation is that the two of them had made it the length of the zoo before being discovered. Either nobody had looked at the stroller very closely, or else they had just thought that it was a particularly ugly child.

The keepers later wished that they had waited until the woman had actually entered the children’s zoo. They were dying to know if she would have purchased a ticket for the dog.

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